Class OptionTemplateWizardPage

All Implemented Interfaces:
IDialogPage, IMessageProvider, IWizardPage

public class OptionTemplateWizardPage extends WizardPage
An implementation of the standard wizard page that creates its contents from the list of template options. The options will be created in the order they are added to the list. When the page is made visible, options that require late initialization will be given a chance to initialize.
  • Constructor Details

    • OptionTemplateWizardPage

      public OptionTemplateWizardPage(BaseOptionTemplateSection section, ArrayList<TemplateOption> options, String helpContextId)
      The constructor.
      section - the section that is contributing this page
      options - a list of options that should be shown in this page.
      helpContextId - the help context id
  • Method Details

    • createControl

      public void createControl(Composite composite)
      Creates the page control by creating individual options in the order subject to their position in the list.'
      composite - Parent widget.
    • setVisible

      public void setVisible(boolean visible)
      Initializes the options that require late initialization when the page is made visible.
      Specified by:
      setVisible in interface IDialogPage
      setVisible in class DialogPage
      visible - true to make this page visible, and false to hide it