Class NewPluginTemplateWizard

All Implemented Interfaces:
IShellProvider, IWizard, IBasePluginWizard, IBundleContentWizard, IPluginContentWizard

public abstract class NewPluginTemplateWizard extends AbstractNewPluginTemplateWizard
This wizard should be used as a base class for wizards that generate plug-in content using a closed set of templates. These wizards are loaded during new plug-in or fragment creation and are used to provide initial content (Java classes, directories/files and extensions).

The list of templates is fixed. It must be known in advance so that the required wizard pages can be created. Upon finish, the template sections are executed in the order of creation.

  • Constructor Details

    • NewPluginTemplateWizard

      public NewPluginTemplateWizard()
      Creates a new template wizard.
  • Method Details

    • createTemplateSections

      public abstract ITemplateSection[] createTemplateSections()
      Subclasses are required to implement this method by creating templates that will appear in this wizard.
      an array of template sections that will appear in this wizard.
    • getTemplateSections

      public final ITemplateSection[] getTemplateSections()
      Returns templates that appear in this section.
      Specified by:
      getTemplateSections in class AbstractNewPluginTemplateWizard
      an array of templates
    • addAdditionalPages

      protected final void addAdditionalPages()
      Implemented by asking templates in this wizard to contribute pages.
      Specified by:
      addAdditionalPages in class AbstractNewPluginTemplateWizard