Class BlankField

public class BlankField extends TemplateOption
This template option can be used to create blank space on the template section wizard page.
  • Constructor Details

    • BlankField

      public BlankField(BaseOptionTemplateSection section)
      The default constructor.
      section - the parent section
    • BlankField

      public BlankField(BaseOptionTemplateSection section, int height)
      Overloaded constructor to specify the height of the blank field.
      section - the parent section
      height - specifies the height of the blank field in pixels
  • Method Details

    • createControl

      public void createControl(Composite parent, int span)
      Creates a blank field using a label widget.
      Specified by:
      createControl in class TemplateField
      parent - parent composite of the blank label
      span - the number of columns that the widget should span