Package org.eclipse.pde.core

package org.eclipse.pde.core
Application programming interfaces for working with PDE's models.

Package Specification

Provides interfaces describing the shape of PDE's models. See and org.eclipse.pde.core.plugin for PDE models that extend the interfaces in this package.
  • Class
    A base generic model.
    Resolves dynamically generated bundle classpath entries in the context of a java project.
    Implementors of this interface can contribute additional IClasspathEntry to a plug-in project as the classpath is computed.
    Models that implement this interface indicate that they can be changed.
    Editable model is an editable object that can be saved.
    Classes implement this interface if their instances need to be uniquely identified using an id.
    A generic model.
    Model change events are fired by the model when it is changed from the last clean state.
    Classes that need to be notified on model changes should implement this interface and add themselves as listeners to the model they want to listen to.
    Classes that implement this interface are capable of notifying listeners about model changes.
    This event will be delivered to all model provider listeners when a model managed by the model provider changes in some way.
    Classes should implement this interface in order to be able to register as model provider listeners.
    A plugin source path locator is capable of locating the path of the source for a given plugin.
    This interface indicates that a model object is created by parsing an editable source file and can be traced back to a particular location in the file.
    Classes that implement this interface can participate in saving the model to the ASCII output stream using the provided writer.