Launching a Java applet

If your Java program is structured as an applet, you can use the Java Applet launch configuration.  This launch configuration uses information derived from the workbench preferences and your program's Java project to launch the program.

  1. In the Package Explorer, select the Java compilation unit or class file containing the applet you want to launch.
  2. Press the Run [ The Run button ] button in the workbench toolbar or select Run > Run from the workbench menu. Alternatively, select Run As > Java Applet from the Package Explorer pop-up menu, select Run > Run As > Java Applet in the workbench menu bar, or select Run As > Java Applet in the drop-down menu on the Run tool bar button. 
  3. Your program is now launched.

You can also launch a Java applet by selecting a project instead of the compilation unit or class file.  You will be prompted to select a class from those classes that extend Applet.  (If only one applet class is found in the project, that class is launched as if you selected it.)

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