Package Explorer View

The Package Explorer view, shown by default in the Java perspective, shows the Java element hierarchy of the Java projects in your workbench. It provides you with a Java-specific view of the resources shown in the Navigator. The element hierarchy is derived from the project's build paths.

For each project, its source folders and referenced libraries are shown in the tree. You can open and browse the contents of both internal and external JAR files. Opening a Java element inside a JAR opens the CLASS file editor, and if there is a source attachment for the JAR file, its corresponding source is shown.

Toolbar buttons






Navigates to the most recently-displayed state of the view with a different element at the top level.



Navigates to the state of the view with a different element at the top level that was displayed immediately after the current state.



Navigates to the parent container of the package that is currently displayed at the top level in the view.

Collapse All

Collapse All

Collapses all tree nodes.

Link with Editor

Link with Editor

Links the package explorer's selection to the active editor.


Top Level Elements > Projects

Shows project as top level elements in the Package Explorer. Only projects which are part of the currently active working sets are shown. Following actions can be used to configure the active working sets:

  • Select Working Set: Opens the Select Working Set dialog to allow selecting the working set from which elements should be shown.
  • Deselect Working Set: Deselect the active working sets. All elements are shown after invoking this action
  • Edit Active Working Set: Opens the Edit Working Set wizard to edit the currently active working set

Top Level Elements > Working Sets

Shows Working Sets as top level elements in the Package Explorer.

The Configure Working Sets... action can be used to open a dialog which allows to configure the visible working sets.



Opens the Java element filters dialog.

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