Java Appearance Preferences

The appearance of Java elements in views can be configured on the Opens the Appearance preference page Java > Appearance preference page and on its sub pages:

The options are:




Show method return types

If enabled, methods displayed in views show the return type.


Show method type parameters

If enabled, methods displayed in views show their type parameters.


Show categories

If enabled, method, field and type labels contain the categories specified in their Javadoc comment.


Show members in Package Explorer

If enabled, Java elements below the level of Java files and Class files are displayed as well.


Fold empty packages in hierarchical layout

If enabled, empty packages which do not contain resources or other child elements are folded.


Use modified icons for test source folders and test dependencies

If enabled, modified icons are used in the package explorer, search results and other locations for test source folders (darker and with green package symbol) and test dependencies (just darker).


Sort library entries alphabetically in Package Explorer

If enabled, the content of library entries are shown in alphabetical order instead of their order on the classpath. It only affects the Package Explorer.


Compress package name segments

If enabled, package names, except for the final segment, are compressed according to the compression pattern.


Abbreviate package names

If enabled, package names are abbreviated according to the specified abbreviation rules.


Stack views vertically in the Java Browsing perspective

If enabled, views in Java Browsing perspective will be stacked vertically, rather than horizontally.


Note: The Colored Labels settings is now available on the Opens the General Appearance preference page General > Appearance preference page.

Java views

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