Java Save Actions Preferences

Indicate your preferences for the Save Actions settings on the Opens the Save Actions preference page Java > Editor > Save Actions preference page.

A set of actions which are executed on each save of the Java editor can be specified on this page.




Perform the selected actions on save

If enabled, then the selected actions below will be executed on save.


Format source code

If enabled, then the source code will be formatted on each save. The code will be formatted according to the active profile selected on the Java > Code Style > Formatter preference page.


Format all lines

If selected, all lines in the file will be formatted on save.


Format edited lines

If selected, only the lines that have been modified since the last save are formatted on save.


Organize imports

If enabled, then the imports will be organized on each save. Change the organize import settings on the Java > Code Style > Organize Imports preference page.


Additional actions

If enabled, then additional actions will be executed on save. To add and remove actions select Configure....


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