Clean Up Preferences

The Opens the Clean Up preference page Java > Code Style > Clean Up preference page lets you manage your code clean up profiles for the Java code clean up.



Active profile

Selects the profile active for the workspace or current project.


Shows a dialog which displays the settings stored in the active profile. Only user-defined profiles can be modified.


Removes the selected profile. This action is only available on user-defined profiles.


Shows the dialog to create a new profile. The dialog requires you to enter a name for the new profile. Additionally, you may select a built-in or user-defined existing profile to base your new profile on.


Imports profiles from the file system.

Export All...

Exports all the profiles to the file system.


Displays a summary of the enabled options of the active profile

Disable Show profile selection dialog for the 'Source > Clean Up' action to apply the active profile when you invoke Source > Clean Up without being disturbed by a dialog.

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