Class MethodNameMatchRequestor


public abstract class MethodNameMatchRequestor extends Object
A MethodNameMatchRequestor collects matches from a searchAllMethodNames query to a SearchEngine. Clients must subclass this abstract class and pass an instance to the SearchEngine.searchAllMethodNames(char[] packageName, int pkgMatchRule, char[] declaringQualification, int declQualificationMatchRule, char[] delcaringSimpleName, int declSimpleNameMatchRule, char[] methodName, int methodMatchRule, IJavaSearchScope scope, MethodNameMatchRequestor methodRequestor, int waitingPolicy, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor) method.

While MethodNameRequestor only reports method names information (e.g. package, enclosing types, method name, modifiers, etc.), this class reports MethodNameMatch objects instead, which store this information and can return an IMethod handle.

This class may be subclassed by clients.

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  • Constructor Details

    • MethodNameMatchRequestor

      public MethodNameMatchRequestor()
  • Method Details

    • acceptMethodNameMatch

      public abstract void acceptMethodNameMatch(MethodNameMatch match)
      Accepts a method name match (MethodNameMatch) which contains a method information as package name, enclosing types names, method name, modifiers, etc.
      match - the match which contains all method information