Class MethodNameRequestor

  • public abstract class MethodNameRequestor
    extends Object
    A MethodDeclarationRequestor collects search results from a searchAllMethodDeclarations query to a SearchEngine. Clients must subclass this abstract class and pass an instance to the SearchEngine.searchAllMethodDeclarations method.

    This class may be subclassed by clients

    • Constructor Detail

      • MethodNameRequestor

        public MethodNameRequestor()
    • Method Detail

      • acceptMethod

        public void acceptMethod​(char[] methodName,
                                 int parameterCount,
                                 char[] declaringQualifier,
                                 char[] simpleTypeName,
                                 int typeModifiers,
                                 char[] packageName,
                                 char[] signature,
                                 char[][] parameterTypes,
                                 char[][] parameterNames,
                                 char[] returnType,
                                 int modifiers,
                                 String path,
                                 int methodIndex)
        Accepts a method.

        The default implementation of this method does nothing. Subclasses should override.

        methodName - name of the method.
        parameterCount - number of parameters in this method.
        declaringQualifier - the qualified name of parent of the enclosing type of this method.
        simpleTypeName - name of the enclosing type of this method.
        typeModifiers - modifiers of the type
        packageName - the package name as specified in the package declaration (i.e. a dot-separated name).
        signature - signature of the method - this would be null for methods in source files.
        parameterTypes - types of all the parameters.
        parameterNames - names of all the parameters.
        returnType - return type of the method.
        modifiers - modifiers of the method.
        path - the full path to the resource containing the type. If the resource is a .class file or a source file, this is the full path in the workspace to this resource. If the resource is an archive (that is, a .zip or .jar file), the path is composed of 2 paths separated by IJavaSearchScope.JAR_FILE_ENTRY_SEPARATOR: the first path is the full OS path to the archive (if it is an external archive), or the workspace relative IPath to the archive (if it is an internal archive), the second path is the path to the resource inside the archive.