Class InlineConstantDescriptor

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public final class InlineConstantDescriptor extends JavaRefactoringDescriptor
Refactoring descriptor for the inline constant refactoring.

An instance of this refactoring descriptor may be obtained by calling RefactoringContribution.createDescriptor() on a refactoring contribution requested by invoking RefactoringCore.getRefactoringContribution(String) with the appropriate refactoring id.

Note: this class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.

This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
  • Constructor Details

    • InlineConstantDescriptor

      public InlineConstantDescriptor()
      Creates a new refactoring descriptor.
    • InlineConstantDescriptor

      public InlineConstantDescriptor(String project, String description, String comment, Map<String,String> arguments, int flags)
      Creates a new refactoring descriptor.
      project - the non-empty name of the project associated with this refactoring, or null for a workspace refactoring
      description - a non-empty human-readable description of the particular refactoring instance
      comment - the human-readable comment of the particular refactoring instance, or null for no comment
      arguments - a map of arguments that will be persisted and describes all settings for this refactoring
      flags - the flags of the refactoring descriptor