Class JavaIndexer


public final class JavaIndexer extends Object
JavaIndexer provides functionality to generate index files which can be used by the JDT SearchEngine. The generated index files can be used as a classpath attribute for the particular classpath entry.

The search engine indexes all the elements referred in the classpath entries of the project into index files. These index files are used to search the elements faster. Indexing for bigger jars could take some time. To avoid this time, one can generate the index file and specify it when the jar is added to the classpath of the project.

  • Constructor Details

    • JavaIndexer

      public JavaIndexer()
  • Method Details

    • generateIndexForJar

      public static void generateIndexForJar(String pathToJar, String pathToIndexFile) throws IOException
      Generates the index file for the specified jar.
      pathToJar - The full path to the jar that needs to be indexed
      pathToIndexFile - The full path to the index file that needs to be generated
      IOException - if the jar is not found or could not write into the index file