Interface IImportDeclaration

All Superinterfaces:
org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, IJavaElement, ISourceManipulation, ISourceReference

public interface IImportDeclaration extends IJavaElement, ISourceReference, ISourceManipulation
Represents an import declaration in Java compilation unit.
This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
  • Method Details

    • getElementName

      String getElementName()
      Returns the name that has been imported. For an on-demand import, this includes the trailing ".*". For example, for the statement "import java.util.*", this returns "java.util.*". For the statement "import java.util.Hashtable", this returns "java.util.Hashtable".
      Specified by:
      getElementName in interface IJavaElement
      the name that has been imported
    • getFlags

      int getFlags() throws JavaModelException
      Returns the modifier flags for this import. The flags can be examined using class Flags. Only the static flag is meaningful for import declarations.
      the modifier flags for this import
      JavaModelException - if this element does not exist or if an exception occurs while accessing its corresponding resource.
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    • isOnDemand

      boolean isOnDemand()
      Returns whether the import is on-demand. An import is on-demand if it ends with ".*".
      true if the import is on-demand, false otherwise