Package com.sun.mirror.apt

package com.sun.mirror.apt
Classes used to communicate information between annotation processors and an annotation processing tool.

Note that the apt tool and its associated APIs may be changed or superseded in future j2se releases.

  • Class
    An annotation processor, used to examine and process the annotations of program elements.
    The environment encapsulating the state needed by an annotation processor.
    A factory for creating annotation processors.
    Superinterface for all annotation processor event listeners.
    Utilities to create specialized annotation processors.
    This interface supports the creation of new files by an annotation processor.
    Locations (subtrees within the file system) where new files are created.
    A Messager provides the way for an annotation processor to report error messages, warnings, and other notices.
    Event for the completion of a round of annotation processing.
    Listener for the completion of a round of annotation processing.
    Represents the status of a completed round of annotation processing.