Interface CDOViewProvider

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AbstractCDOViewProvider, CDONet4jViewProvider, CDONet4jViewProvider.JVM, CDONet4jViewProvider.SSL, CDONet4jViewProvider.TCP, CDONet4jViewProvider.WS, ManagedContainerViewProvider

public interface CDOViewProvider
Capable of opening a CDOView on a target repository, defined by a URI. A regular expression and the priority are used to determine the most suitable provider.
Victor Roldan Betancort
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    • getPriority

      int getPriority()
      Returns the priority of this provider. Usually used to choose between several CDOViewProviders that match the same repository URI. A higher priority value is preferred in that decision.
    • getRegex

      String getRegex()
      Returns the regular expression that determines if the provider can handle certain URI
    • matchesRegex

      boolean matchesRegex(URI uri)
      Checks if the URI matches with the regular expression of this provider
    • getView

      CDOView getView(URI uri, ResourceSet resourceSet)
      Receives a URI and returns an opened CDOView against the repository.
    • getResourceURI

      URI getResourceURI(CDOView view, String path)