Interface CDOTransactionHandler1.WithUndo

All Superinterfaces:
CDOTransactionHandler1, CDOTransactionHandlerBase
All Known Implementing Classes:
CDOAutoAttacher, CDOAutoLocker, CDOAutoLocker.ForSingleValuedChanges, CDODefaultTransactionHandler, CDODefaultTransactionHandler1
Enclosing interface:

public static interface CDOTransactionHandler1.WithUndo extends CDOTransactionHandler1
A call-back interface that is called by a transaction before objects are attached, modified, undone or detached.
Eike Stepper
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    • undoingObject

      void undoingObject(CDOTransaction transaction, CDOObject object, CDOFeatureDelta featureDelta)
      Called by a CDOTransaction before an object is modified. The implementor of this method is allowed to throw an unchecked exception that will propagate up to the operation that is about to modify the object (thereby preventing the operation from completing successfully).

      Note: Implementors must not start threads which access the view and wait for their completion since deadlocks can result. The following example causes a deadlock:

       getDisplay().syncExec(new Runnable()
         public void run()
           catch (Exception ignore)
      If you need to synchronously execute threads which access the view you should use CDOAsyncTransactionHandler.