Interface InternalCDOBranch

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    CDOBranch, CDOBranchPoint, CDOBranchProvider, CDONameProvider, CDOTimeProvider, java.lang.Comparable<CDOBranch>, IAdaptable, org.eclipse.net4j.util.container.IContainer<CDOBranch>, org.eclipse.net4j.util.event.INotifier

    public interface InternalCDOBranch
    extends CDOBranch
    If the meaning of this type isn't clear, there really should be more of a description here...
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    This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • isProxy

        boolean isProxy()
      • getBranch

        InternalCDOBranch getBranch​(java.lang.String path)
        Description copied from interface: CDOBranch
        Returns the sub branch of this branch with the given relative path, or null if no sub branch with this path exists in this branch.

        The path name is the concatenation of the names of all branches from a direct sub branch of this branch, separated by slashes ("/" characters). Example: "team1/smith".

        Specified by:
        getBranch in interface CDOBranch
      • createBranch

        InternalCDOBranch createBranch​(java.lang.String name,
                                       long timeStamp)
        Description copied from interface: CDOBranch
        Creates a sub branch of this branch with the given name, based at the branch point in this branch with the given time stamp.

        Specified by:
        createBranch in interface CDOBranch
        name - The name of the sub branch to be created. It must not contain the path separator character (slash).
        timeStamp - The time stamp in this branch that the sub branch to be created is supposed to be based at. It must not be before the base time stamp of this branch and it must be different from the fixed special time stamp unspecified
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      • setBranchInfo

        void setBranchInfo​(java.lang.String name,
                           InternalCDOBranch baseBranch,
                           long baseTimeStamp)
      • setDeleted

        void setDeleted()
      • basicSetName

        void basicSetName​(java.lang.String name)