Search view

Any matches are reported in the Search view.

Search View

When you have completed a search and have results in the Search view, you can put the focus on that view and get more options on the Search menu.

A C/C++ search can also be conducted via the context menu of selected resources and elements in the following views:

The search context menu is also available in the C/C++ editor. The search is only performed if the currently selected text can be resolved to a C/C++ element.

The type of the selected C/C++ element defines which search context menus are available. The C/C++ editor does not constrain the list of available C/C++ searches based on the selection.

Search view toolbar options

Next icon Next Navigates to the next search result.
Previous icon Previous Navigates to the previous search result.
Remote the Selected Matches icon Remove Selected Matches (Delete) Removes user selected matches from the search console.
Remove all Matches icon Remove All Matches Clears the search console.
Expand All icon Expand All Expands all search results.
Collapse All icon Collapse All Collapses all search results.
Cancel Search icon Cancel Current Search Terminates the current search.
Repeat Search icon Run the Current Search Again Repeat the search using the same criteria.
Show Previous Searches icon Show Previous Searches Shows the list of previously run searches which can be reselected.
Pin view icon Pin the Search View Forces the Search view to remain on top of other views in the workbench area.
Menu icon Menu Displays assorted options available for the Search view, including:
  • Show as List
  • Show as Tree (default)
  • Hide Potential Method Calls
  • Filters...
  • Show Enclosing Definitions

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