C/C++ search

Search Dialog Box

Search string
Specifies a search string.
The search functions support the following wildcards:
  • Use * to represent any series of characters
  • Use ? to represent any single character
  • Use \* to find an asterisk character (*)

Case sensitive
Searches will return results which match capitalization specified in the search string precisely.
Search for
Specify the types of elements to include in the search:

Search for Description
Class/Struct Includes classes and structs in your search.
Function Searches for global functions or functions in a namespace (functions that are not members of a class, struct, or union).
Variable Searches for variables that are not members of a class, struct, or union.
Union Searches for unions.
Method Searches for methods that are members of a class, struct, or union.
Field Searches for fields that are members of a class, struct, or union.
Enumeration Searches for enumerations.
Enumerator Searches for enumerators.
Namespace Searches for namespaces.
Searches for typedef.
Searches for macro.
Any Element Includes all elements in the search.

Limit to
Specify the types of context to search:

Limit to Description
Declarations Limits the search to declarations.
Definitions Limits the search to definitions (for functions, methods, variables, and fields).
References Limits the search to references.
All Occurrences Includes declarations, definitions, and references in the search.

Choose the scope of the search:

Scope Availability Description
Workspace all elements Searches in the full workspace
Selected Resources all elements Searches the resources selected in the Projects view
Enclosing Projects
all elements
Searches in the enclosing projects (plus the include paths) of the selected resource
Workings Set all elements Searches in a working set

Working sets can be created and used from within the search dialog.

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