Class PipelinedShapeModification


public final class PipelinedShapeModification extends Object
Indicates how a shape modification should be transformed when applied to the tree. Clients use PipelinedShapeModification as the input and return type from intercept methods on IPipelinedTreeContentProvider.

Overriding extensions should use these to map attempts to directly modify the tree down to the overridden model. A shape modification can either be an add or remove shape modification, and the type is determined by the context of its use. If supplied to an interceptRemove method, then it is a remove shape modification, otherwise if supplied to an interceptAdd method, then it is an add shape modification.

  • Constructor Details

    • PipelinedShapeModification

      public PipelinedShapeModification(Object aParent, Set theChildren)
      Create a shape modification. The given parent and children will be set as the initial values for the shape modification.
      aParent - The parent for the add or remove call to the tree.
      theChildren - The children that should be added or removed from the tree.
  • Method Details

    • getParent

      public final Object getParent()
      The parent to use for the shape modification.
    • setParent

      public final void setParent(Object aParent)
      aParent - The parent to use for the shape modification.
    • getChildren

      public final Set getChildren()
      The current set of children. Clients may add or remove elements directly to this set.