Class ObjectActionContributorManager

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ObjectActionContributorManager extends ObjectContributorManager
This manager is used to populate a popup menu manager with actions for a given type.
  • Constructor Details

    • ObjectActionContributorManager

      public ObjectActionContributorManager()
      PopupMenuManager constructor.
  • Method Details

    • contributeObjectActions

      public boolean contributeObjectActions(IWorkbenchPart part, IMenuManager popupMenu, ISelectionProvider selProv, Set<IObjectActionContributor> alreadyContributed)
      Contributes submenus and/or actions applicable to the selection in the provided viewer into the provided popup menu.
      part - the part being contributed to
      popupMenu - the menu being contributed to
      selProv - the selection provider
      alreadyContributed - the set of contributors that already contributed to the menu
      whether anything was contributed
    • getManager

      public static ObjectActionContributorManager getManager()
      Returns the shared instance of this manager.
      the shared instance of this manager
    • disposeManager

      public static void disposeManager()
      Disposes instance if it was created
    • addExtension

      public void addExtension(IExtensionTracker tracker, IExtension addedExtension)
      Description copied from interface: IExtensionChangeHandler
      This method is called whenever an extension conforming to the extension point filter is being added to the registry. This method does not automatically register objects to the tracker.
      tracker - a tracker to which the handler has been registered
      addedExtension - the extension being added
    • getExtensionPointFilter

      protected String getExtensionPointFilter()
      Description copied from class: ObjectContributorManager
      Return the extension point id (local to org.eclipse.ui) that this manager is associated with. Default implementation returns null, which implies no relationship with a particular extension.
      getExtensionPointFilter in class ObjectContributorManager
      the extension point id