Interface IWorkbenchWizard

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
IExportWizard, IImportWizard, INewWizard
All Known Implementing Classes:
BasicNewFileResourceWizard, BasicNewFolderResourceWizard, BasicNewProjectResourceWizard, BasicNewResourceWizard, ExternalProjectImportWizard, FileSystemExportWizard, FileSystemImportWizard, ZipFileExportWizard, ZipFileImportWizard

public interface IWorkbenchWizard extends IWizard
Implementors represent creation wizards that are to be contributed to the workbench's creation wizard extension point.
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    • init

      void init(IWorkbench workbench, IStructuredSelection selection)
      Initializes this creation wizard using the passed workbench and object selection.

      This method is called after the no argument constructor and before other methods are called.

      workbench - the current workbench
      selection - the current object selection