Interface IDocumentExtension

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDocument, ChildDocument, Document, ProjectionDocument

public interface IDocumentExtension
Extension interface for IDocument.

It introduces the notion of sequentially rewriting a document. This is to tell a document that a sequence of non-overlapping replace operation is about to be performed. Implementers can use this knowledge for internal optimization.

Is also introduces the concept of post notification replaces. This is, a document listener who is informed about a document change can cause a derived document change. As the listener is not allowed to directly modify the document, it can register a replace operation that is performed directly after all document listeners have been notified.

  • Method Details

    • registerPostNotificationReplace

      void registerPostNotificationReplace(IDocumentListener owner, IDocumentExtension.IReplace replace) throws UnsupportedOperationException
      Callback for document listeners to be used inside documentChanged to register a post notification replace operation on the document notifying them.
      owner - the owner of the replace operation
      replace - the replace operation to be executed
      UnsupportedOperationException - if registerPostNotificationReplace is not supported by this document
    • stopPostNotificationProcessing

      void stopPostNotificationProcessing()
      Stops the processing of registered post notification replace operations until resumePostNotificationProcessing is called.
    • resumePostNotificationProcessing

      void resumePostNotificationProcessing()
      Resumes the processing of post notification replace operations. If the queue of registered IDocumentExtension.IReplace objects is not empty, they are immediately processed if the document is not inside a replace operation. If the document is inside a replace operation, they are processed directly after the replace operation has finished.
    • startSequentialRewrite

      @Deprecated void startSequentialRewrite(boolean normalize)
      Tells the document that it is about to be sequentially rewritten. That is a sequence of non-overlapping replace operations will be performed on it. The normalize flag indicates whether the rewrite is performed from the start of the document to its end or from an arbitrary start offset.

      The document is considered being in sequential rewrite mode as long as stopSequentialRewrite has not been called.

      normalize - true if performed from the start to the end of the document
    • stopSequentialRewrite

      @Deprecated void stopSequentialRewrite()
      Tells the document that the sequential rewrite has been finished. This method has only any effect if startSequentialRewrite has been called before.