Interface IDocumentExtension4

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDocument, ChildDocument, Document, ProjectionDocument

public interface IDocumentExtension4
Extension interface for IDocument. It adds the following concepts:
  • Rewrite sessions. A rewrite session is a sequence of replace operations that form a semantic unit.
  • A modification stamp on the document
  • The ability to set the initial line delimiter and to query the default line delimiter
  • Field Details


      static final long UNKNOWN_MODIFICATION_STAMP
      The unknown modification stamp.
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  • Method Details

    • startRewriteSession

      Tells the document that it is about to be rewritten. That is, a sequence of replace operations that form a semantic unit will be performed on this document. A specification of the nature of the operation sequence is given in form of the session type.

      The document is considered being in rewrite mode as long as stopRewriteSession has not been called.

      sessionType - the session type
      the started rewrite session
      IllegalStateException - in case there is already an active rewrite session
    • stopRewriteSession

      void stopRewriteSession(DocumentRewriteSession session)
      Tells the document to stop the rewrite session. This method has only any effect if startRewriteSession has been called before.

      This method does not have any effect if the given session is not the active rewrite session.

      session - the session to stop
    • getActiveRewriteSession

      DocumentRewriteSession getActiveRewriteSession()
      Returns the active rewrite session of this document or null.
      the active rewrite session or null
    • addDocumentRewriteSessionListener

      void addDocumentRewriteSessionListener(IDocumentRewriteSessionListener listener)
      Registers the document rewrite session listener with the document. After registration the IDocumentRewriteSessionListener is informed about each state change of rewrite sessions performed on this document.

      If the listener is already registered nothing happens.

      An IRewriteSessionDocumentListener may call back to this document when being inside a document notification.

      listener - the listener to be registered
    • removeDocumentRewriteSessionListener

      void removeDocumentRewriteSessionListener(IDocumentRewriteSessionListener listener)
      Removes the listener from the document's list of document rewrite session listeners. If the listener is not registered with the document nothing happens.

      An IDocumentRewriteSessionListener may call back to this document when being inside a document notification.

      listener - the listener to be removed
    • replace

      void replace(int offset, int length, String text, long modificationStamp) throws BadLocationException
      Substitutes the given text for the specified document range. Sends a DocumentEvent to all registered IDocumentListener.
      offset - the document offset
      length - the length of the specified range
      text - the substitution text
      modificationStamp - of the document after replacing
      BadLocationException - if the offset is invalid in this document
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    • set

      void set(String text, long modificationStamp)
      Replaces the content of the document with the given text. Sends a DocumentEvent to all registered IDocumentListener. This method is a convenience method for replace(0, getLength(), text).
      text - the new content of the document
      modificationStamp - of the document after setting the content
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    • getModificationStamp

      long getModificationStamp()
      Returns the modification stamp of this document. The modification stamp is updated each time a modifying operation is called on this document. If two modification stamps of the same document are identical then the document content is too, however, same content does not imply same modification stamp.

      The magnitude or sign of the numerical difference between two modification stamps is not significant.

      the modification stamp of this document or UNKNOWN_MODIFICATION_STAMP
    • getDefaultLineDelimiter

      String getDefaultLineDelimiter()
      Returns this document's default line delimiter.

      This default line delimiter should be used by clients who want unique delimiters (e.g. 'CR's) in the document.

      the default line delimiter or null if none
    • setInitialLineDelimiter

      void setInitialLineDelimiter(String lineDelimiter)
      Sets this document's initial line delimiter i.e. the one which is returned by getDefaultLineDelimiter if the document does not yet contain any line delimiter.
      lineDelimiter - the default line delimiter