Interface IWatchExpressionFactoryAdapterExtension

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public interface IWatchExpressionFactoryAdapterExtension extends IWatchExpressionFactoryAdapter
Optional extension to the watch expression factory adapter to dynamically enable the 'Create Watch Expression' action, based on the selected variable.

By default, the 'Create Watch Expression' action is enabled for instances of IVariable that have an associated IWatchExpressionDelegate registered for that debug model. When a watch expression factory adapter is available for a variable that implements this interface, the factory is consulted to enable the action.

Clients may implementing IWatchExpressionFactoryAdapter may also implement this interface.

  • Method Details

    • canCreateWatchExpression

      boolean canCreateWatchExpression(IVariable variable)
      Returns whether a watch expression can be created for the specified variable.
      variable - variable a watch expression is required for
      whether an expression can be created