Class HandleObjectManager<T extends NamedHandleObject>

Type Parameters:
T - The type of handled objects
Direct Known Subclasses:
BindingManager, CommandManager, ContextManager

public abstract class HandleObjectManager<T extends NamedHandleObject> extends EventManager

A manager of HandleObject instances. This has some common behaviour which is shared between all such managers.

Clients may extend.

  • Field Details

    • definedHandleObjects

      protected final Set<T extends NamedHandleObject> definedHandleObjects
      The set of handle objects that are defined. This value may be empty, but it is never null.
    • handleObjectsById

      protected final Map<String,T extends NamedHandleObject> handleObjectsById
      The map of identifiers (String) to handle objects ( HandleObject). This collection may be empty, but it is never null.
  • Constructor Details

    • HandleObjectManager

      public HandleObjectManager()
  • Method Details

    • checkId

      protected final void checkId(String id)
      Verifies that the identifier is valid. Exceptions will be thrown if the identifier is invalid in some way.
      id - The identifier to validate; may be anything.
    • getDefinedHandleObjectIds

      protected final Set getDefinedHandleObjectIds()
      Returns the set of identifiers for those handle objects that are defined.
      The set of defined handle object identifiers; this value may be empty, but it is never null.