Outline View

The Outline has three different views of the file; these views are selected using the toolbar buttons at the top of the viewer window:

Figure 59: Outline Viewer Title Bar Buttons

  Business Model View – this roughly corresponds to the graphical elements on the drawing canvas, but also includes model elements that do not necessarily have a visual representation such as Data Types, Interfaces, Operations, Process variables and so on.

 Diagram Interchange Model – this displays the DI model, which is that part of the spec that defines visual presentation details such as locations and sizes of shapes, connection bend points, labels, etc. This view is useful for visualizing the graphical elements and their relationships and containments.

 Thumbnail – this is simply a small overview of the entire diagram scaled to fit into the Outline View window.

The following screenshots show an example business process diagram and how each of the views of the Outline is rendered.

Figure 60: Sample Process


Figure 61: Business Model                    Figure 62: DI Model                                Figure 63: Thumbnail