Flash Accessibility perspective configurations

Flash Proxy preferences

Configure behavior of the internal proxy for the Flash Outline view (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Flash Proxy preferences

HTTP Proxy settings

Use HTTP Proxy For:
This option configures which HTTP connections the proxy mediates.
Timeout (seconds):
Specify a non-negative integer. This controls the connection timeout when the proxy is used. The default is 30 seconds.
Minimum SWF version to be handled:
Specify a non-negative integer. The proxy does not process Flash content if it is older than a version specified here. Default is 5. Note: Since Flash content older than the version 5 has limited ActionScript functionality, ACTF cannot obtain its internal structure.

Internet Cache Clear

The Internet cache must be cleared before viewing webpages for the Flash Outline view to work correctly. However, clearing the cache affects browser performance. This setting controls what ACTF should do to the cache when the tool is started.

Figure 2. Confirmation dialog for clearing the cache

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