User interface menus and icons

The ACTF Visualization Feature has three menus, which are described in the following paragraphs.

Toolbar menu




Interface components

ACTF Browser Editor

Back and Forward
Click these buttons to navigate among webpages.
Refresh Click this button to reload the current document.
Stop Click this button to stop loading a document.
Title bar Shows the title of the target page.
Address bar Contains the URL or file name of the webpage being analyzed. By double-clicking inside the address bar or by pressing Alt+D, a new URL can be entered into the address bar.
Go Click this button to load the specified page.

Visualization View

When the blind view is selected, the Visualization View is opened, which includes the following buttons, interactive elements, and icons.


Visualize Click this button to open the blind usability visualize function and the problem detector with the current settings.
Settings Click this button to open the Blind Usability Visualization preference page, which controls the voice browser output mode and the layout mode (including reaching time, accessible tags, and table structure).
Save Click this button to open the Save as dialog box and save a report file. The report file is a CSV format. By selecting "Save HTML Report" option, an HTML document will be saved with CSV report.
ID/CSS Click this button to open the ID/AccessKey/Class/CSS viewer panel, which displays information on attributes (ID, AccessKey, and Class) of elements and information on the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) applied to the target page.

Interactive elements and icons

The balloon messages and icons follow the movement of the mouse pointer and show the exact reaching time for the indicated element. When the mouse pointer is placed over an accessible tag, the balloon message also indicates the tag name.

The balloon icon indicates acceptability of the reaching time.

The balloon messages and icons have two modes. If you place the cursor in the Visualization View and click, the messages and icons remain at the position where the mouse click occurred (stationary mode). Click again in the Visualization View if you want the messages and icon to move and follow the mouse pointer (active mode).

Intra-page link (Start of arrow.) and intra-page link destination (End of arrow.) icons: When an intra-page link icon is clicked, an arrow, which is formed with red circles, appears between the source and the destination of the intra-page link. The arrow can be removed by clicking the icon again.

The balloon messages and icons and the arrows of the intra-page links can be controlled by using the icons on the Control panel.

Simulation View

When the low vision view is selected, the Simulation View is opened next to the ACTF Browser Editor. It includes the following buttons and check boxes:

Simulate Click this button to start the low vision simulator and the problem detector with the current settings. The current settings status is displayed in the status bar.
Settings Click this button to open the Low Vision Simulation preference page, to set the eyesight, color vision deficiency, and crystalline lens transparency parameters that ACTF Low Vision Simulation uses when checking webpages.
Save Click this button to open the "Save as" dialog box and save the report file. The report file is an HTML document and can be read by using a Web browser.
Whole page check box When this check box is selected, ACTF Low Vision Simulation checks the entire target webpage, even if only a portion of the page is visible in the browser and the page consists of multiple frames of HTML documents. If the check box is cleared, only the displayed portion of the page is checked.

Line View pane

By default, the Line View pane appears in the Detailed Report View of the bottom row. The column heads differ slightly depending on the active tab.

Blind tab

Star icon This icon appears with some other icon. The corresponding element can be highlighted in the Visualization View by selecting this line.
Error This item is an accessibility problem automatically detected.
Probably Error This item is probably accessibility problem.
Need confirmation This item requires user confirmation.
Human check This item requires human check based on test procedure.

Low vision View

Overall Rating pane

This area provides the target page's overall rating for accessibility and usability.

Blind Usability View

Page rating: The radar chart shows the target page's rating in terms of Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. The overall rating is based on the number of problems found on the page.

Low Vision View

Problem map icon: Indicates the position of the problems on the page. The overall rating above the graphic is based on the number of problems and the severity values of the problems on the page.

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