Checking the accessibility of a webpage containing Flash content in the Flash Accessibility perspective

The ACTF simulates how webpages containing Flash content are read out by screen readers that visually impaired people use, and modifies any accessibility problems.

Accessibility Guidelines for Flash Content

There are no established and well-known accessibility guidelines for Flash content, but Adobe® has published a best practices document:

Bob Regan, "Best Practices for Accessible Flash Design", August 2005, Adobe Systems, Inc. (PDF file)
In this document the following 11 items are listed as best practices:

  1. Provide Text Equivalents
  2. Provide Context
  3. Control Reading Order
  4. Control Animation
  5. Ensure Keyboard Access
  6. Progressive Disclosure
  7. Enable Component Accessibility
  8. Provide Captions
  9. Provide Control over Audio Playback
  10. Use Color Wisely
  11. Support Users with Low Vision

In this section how to check these items using ACTF's Flash Accessibility perspective is described. Note that the Adobe document is only best practices and not guidelines. That is because it is hard to automatically check these items, and they mostly call for checks by human beings. However, the ACTF's Flash Accessibility perspective efficiently supports people in performing these checks.

Checking Process for Each Check Items

The following checks are performed in the Flash Accessibility perspective. Before starting check, the webpage to be checked should be displayed in the Browser view.

Checking for "1. Provide Text Equivalents"

Figure 1. Automatic accessibility check results

Figure 2. Buttons without text information (in GUI Summary view)

Figure 3. Buttons without text information (in GUI Outline view)

Checking for "2. Provide Context"

Checking for "3. Control Reading Order"

Checking for "4. Control Animation"

Checking for "5. Ensure Keyboard Access"

Checking for "6. Progressive Disclosure"

Checking for "7. Enable Component Accessibility"

Figure 4. GUI properties of a Component

Figure 5. Components with accessibility not enabled (in the Flash Outline view)

Figure 6. Components with accessibility enabled (in the Flash Outline view)

Checking for "8. Provide Captions"

Checking for "9. Provide Control over Audio Playback"

Checking for "10. Use Color Wisely" and "11. Support Users with Low Vision"

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