How to use ACTF HTML Parser

1. Preparation

2. Usage

  1. Create HTML Parser
    IHTMLParser parser = HTMLParserFactory.createHTMLParser();
  2. Parse target HTML as InputStream

  3. Obtain resulting HTML Document
    Document doc = parser.getDocument();

The resulting HTML Document implements org.w3c.dom.html Interface.
(See API document for more details.)

Additional resources

In org.eclipse.actf.core plugin, several DOM utilities are available

org.eclipse.actf.util.dom.DomPrintUtilUtility to convert DOM into String
org.eclipse.actf.util.dom.NodeIteratorImplDOM NodeIterator implementation
org.eclipse.actf.util.dom.TreeWalkerImplDOM TreeWalker implementation
org.eclipse.actf.util.xpath.XPathServiceUtility for XPath evaluation
(Instance can be obtained from XPathServiceFactory)