This table lists the Entity information fields available in the JPA Details view for an Entity.

Property Description Default


The default database table information for this entity. These fields can be overridden by the information in the Attribute Overrides area.


The name of the primary database table associated with the entity.


The database catalog that contains the Table.

As defined in orm.xml.


The database schema that contains the Table.

As defined in orm.xml.


The name of this entity. By default, the class name is used as the entity name.


Specify how the entity its access instance variables.

  • Property – Persistent state accessed through the property accessor methods. The property accessor methods must be public or private.

  • Field – Instance variables are accessed directly. All non-transient instance variables are persistent.

Note: This field is for display only, based on the properties in the orm.xml: If only the methods of the class are annotated, property access type is used. In all other cases, field access type is used.


ID class

Click Browse and select the primary key for the entity. Clicking the field name, which is represented as a hyperlink, allows you to create a new class.

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