Entity Properties page

This table lists the properties of the Entity Properties page of the Create JPA Entity wizard.

Property Description Default

Entity name

The name of the entity. By default, this value is the same as the one entered as the class name. If the entity name differs from the class name, then the entity name is added as an attribute. For example: @Entity(name="EntityName").

Determined by server.

Table name

Select Use default to match the name of the mapped table name to the entity name. Otherwise, clear the Use default option and enter the name in the Table Name field. These options result in the addition of the @Table option to the Java class file.

Use default.

Entity fields

Click the Add button to add persistence fields using the Entity Fields dialog. This dialog enable you to build a field by entering a field name and selecting among persistence types. The Key option enables you to mark a field as a primary key. The dialog's Browse function enables you to add other persistence types described in the JPA specification. The Edit button enables you to change the name or type set for a persistent field.

Access type

Select whether the entity's access to instance variables is field-based or property-based, as defined in the JPA specification.

  • Field – Instance variables are accessed directly. All non-transient instance variables are persistent.

  • Property – Persistent state accessed through the property accessor methods. The property accessor methods must be public or private.


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