User's Guide


 Elements of the User Interface
CDO Explorer Perspective
CDO Repositories View
CDO Administration View
CDO Collaboration View
CDO Watch List View
CDO Time Machine View
CDO Sessions View
CDO Server Browser
CDO Checkout Wizard
10 CDO Model Editor
11 Project Explorer Integration
12 Property Sheet Integration
13 History Integration
14 Compare Integration
15 Forms Integration
16 Preference Pages
 Managing Repositories
Creating Repositories and Connections
1.1 Connecting to Remote Repositories
1.2 Cloning Master Repositories
1.3 Creating Local Repositories
Renaming Repository Connections
Deleting Repository Connections
Connecting and Disconnecting Repositories
Showing Repositories in Other Views
5.1 Showing Repositories in the CDO Sessions View
5.2 Showing Repositories in the CDO Server Browser
5.3 Showing Repositories in the Properties View
5.4 Showing Repositories in the History View
5.5 Showing Repositories in the Project Explorer
5.6 Showing Repositories in the System Explorer
 Working with Branches
Creating Branches
Renaming Branches
Deleting Branches
Showing Branches in the History View
 Checking Out from Repositories
Selecting a Repository
Selecting the Checkout Type
2.1 Online Transactional Checkouts
2.2 Online Historical Checkouts
2.3 Offline Checkouts
Selecting the Branch Point
Selecting the Root Object
Naming the Checkout
 Working with Checkouts
Renaming Checkouts
Duplicating Checkouts
Opening and Closing Checkouts
Deleting Checkouts
Switching the Branch of a Checkout
5.1 Switching to a New Branch
5.2 Switching to an Other Branch
Switching the Time Stamp of a Checkout
6.1 Switching to an Other Branch Point
6.2 Switching to a Commit
Comparing Checkouts
7.1 Comparing with an Other Branch
7.2 Comparing with an Other Branch Point
7.3 Comparing with a Commit
Merging Checkouts
8.1 Merging from an Other Branch
8.2 Merging from an Other Branch Point
8.3 Merging from a Commit
Showing Checkouts in Other Views
9.1 Showing Checkouts in the CDO Sessions View
9.2 Showing Checkouts in the CDO Time Machine View
9.3 Showing Checkouts in the CDO Server Browser
9.4 Showing Checkouts in the Properties View
9.5 Showing Checkouts in the History View
9.6 Showing Checkouts in the System Explorer
10 Working with Offline Checkouts
10.1 Updating an Offline Checkout
10.2 Checking In an Offline Checkout
10.3 Reverting an Offline Checkout
 Working with Folders and Resources
Creating Resource Nodes
1.1 Creating Folders
1.2 Creating Model Resources
1.3 Creating Text Files
1.4 Creating Binary Files
Renaming Resource Nodes
Moving and Copying Resource Nodes within a Checkout
Moving and Copying Resource Nodes between Checkouts and Beyond
Deleting Resource Nodes
 Working with Models and Model Elements
Creating Model Elements
1.1 Creating Root Model Elements
1.2 Creating Nested Model Elements
Moving and Copying Model Elements within a Checkout
Moving and Copying Model Elements between Checkouts and Beyond
Deleting Model Elements
Editing Model Elements in a Dialog
Editing Model Elements in an Editor
 Collaborating in Real-Time
Optimistic Locking
1.1 Early Conflict Detection
1.2 Automatic Conflict Resolution
1.3 Interactive Conflict Resolution
Pessimistic Locking
2.1 Tree Locking
Automatic Locking
Automatic Committing
 Understanding the Technical Background
Technical Background of Model Elements
1.1 Native Models
1.2 Legacy Models
1.3 Dynamic Models
Technical Background of Repositories
Technical Background of Checkouts
Technical Background of Sessions
Technical Background of Views
Technical Background of Transactions
Technical Background of the Compare Integration


Copyright (c) 2011, 2012, 2015 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.