Team Responsibilities and Collaboration

Successful delivery of dynamic context-sensitive help requires a close coordination of UI components and UA components. It imposes responsibilities on both Development teams and Documentation teams, and it requires ongoing collaboration among those teams.

Development teams must provide lists of helpKey constants to Documentation teams, and they must provide information about the UI control associated with each helpKey constant. Development teams must also provide timely updates to Documentation teams when any change occurs in the helpKey constants.

Documentation teams must rely on the information provided by Development teams to locate the UI controls, analyze the help contexts, and create appropriate UA content in various formats.

Since a context-sensitive help plug-in can contribute helpKey properties files and context XML files that support several UI plug-ins, Documentation teams must carefully evaluate the “component level” with which online documentation plug-ins and their corresponding context-sensitive help plug-ins are associated.

Both Development teams and Documentation teams must rely on the project’s architectural specifications to determine the appropriate capabilities and features with which to coordinate UI and UA components.

And finally, both Development teams and Documentation teams must test the context-sensitive help UI implementation and the context-sensitive help UA plug-ins.