helpKey Properties Files

A helpKey properties file defines the mapping of helpKey constants (property keys), either to actual help context IDs, or to context-specific help search expressions.

helpKey properties files are usually contributed in pairs, one for context IDs and one for search expressions.

The help context ID strings defined in a helpKey properties file cannot be fully-qualified context IDs. They must not include any blank space or period (.) characters. The DTP help-helper handles unqualified help context IDs defined in properties files to fully-qualify them, before it returns them to the UI control through the ContextProviderDelegate.

The following excerpt is from a helpKey properties file, which is contributed by the org.eclipse.datatools.doc.user.contexts plug-in to define concrete help context ID strings.

    #	Basic profile name/description/auto-connect property page
    #	wizard selection page in New Connection Profile wizard
    #	Basic intro page for new connection profile wizard

Notice that two abstract help contexts (represented by the helpKey constants CONTEXT_ID_CP_WIZARD_PAGE and CONTEXT_ID_INTRO_WIZARD_PAGE) are mapped to one concrete help context ID (NEW_CONNECTION_PROFILE_WIZARD). This is an example of the flexibility afforded by abstract help contexts, allowing the UA component to combine multiple abstract help contexts in a single, concrete help context ID, which is independent of the help context implementation in the UI component.

The following example shows the mapping of a helpKey constant to a context-specific help search expression in a helpKey properties file.

    #	 * Basic profile name/description/auto-connect property page
    CONTEXT_ID_CP_PROPERTY_PAGE = "connection profile" AND "properties"

Search expression strings must conform to the rules for Apache Lucene query parser syntax:

Note: The terms (keywords) in a search expression are not case sensitive, but the Boolean operators (for example, AND, NOT, OR) must be all upper case.