Running external tools

The Workbench provides a mechanism for running tools that are not part of it. To configure an external tool:

  1. Click command link Run > External Tools > External Tools....
  2. Select the Program configuration
  3. Click the New button.
  4. Enter a name for your external tool (for example, My External Tool).
  5. Click the Browse File System button.
  6. Find the tool you want to run (for example, on Windows it is usually a file with the extension .exe or .bat).
  7. (Optional) In the Arguments field enter the necessary arguments for the tool.
  8. (Optional)In the Working directory field enter the working directory for the tool.
  9. Click Run.

These steps create a persisted launch configuration. The newly created configuration will appear in the launch history under Run > External Tools and will be available in the launch configuration dialog which is opened by clicking command link Run > External Tools > External Tools....

It is also possible to set up and run an external tool to build a project.

  1. Select the desired project.
  2. From its pop-up menu choose Properties.
  3. Click Builders from the list, and configure the tool as described above.
External tools Running Ant buildfiles