Setting local history preferences

To indicate the level of local history that should be kept for each resource in the Workbench:

  1. Open the command link General > Workspace > Local History preference page.
  2. In the Limit history size field, specify whether you want to limit the local history size using following options.
  3. In the Days to keep files field, type the number of days that you want to keep records for any one Workbench resource. For example, if you type 7, then a history of saved states from the last seven days will be kept.
  4. In the Maximum entries per file field, type the number of states to keep for any one Workbench resource. Note that when you exceed the number of entries per file, the oldest changes are discarded to make room for the newer changes.
  5. In the Maximum file size (MB) field, type the maximum file size (in MB) of a resource for which a local history should be kept. If the size of the resource exceeds the maximum amount of file size allocated, no local history is kept for that resource.
  6. Click OK to set your preferences and close the Local History Preferences page.
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