Deleting resources

To delete a resource from the Workbench:

  1. In one of the navigation views, select the resources that you want to delete. (Hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one resource.)
  2. Press the Delete key.
  3. Click Yes in the dialog which appears.

Tip: You can achieve the same result by selecting Delete from the pop-up menu.

Deleting resources from the workspace will also delete the corresponding files and/or folders from the local file system. The only exception is linked resources, which are not removed from the file system when you delete the link in the workspace. However, deleting child resources of linked folders will delete those resources from the local file system.

In most cases it is possible to undo a resource delete, which will restore deleted files from the local history. The files can also be restored manually from the history. See the related tasks for more details.

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