Tasks view

The Tasks view displays tasks that you add manually. You can associate a task with a resource in the Workbench, but this is not required.

By default, the Tasks view is included in the Resources perspective. To add it to the current perspective, click command link Window > Show View > Other... > General > Tasks.

The following icons are used by the Tasks view:

Icon Description
 High priority task item High priority task
 Low priority task icon Low priority task
Completed task icon Completed task
Add task Add task
Delete Delete
Filter Filter

The first column indicates whether the task is completed. Completed tasks are flagged with a check mark, which you add manually.

The second column indicates whether the task is high, normal, or low priority.

The Description column contains a description of the line item. You can edit the description of user-defined tasks by selecting Properties from the context menu.

The Resource and Path columns provide the name and location of the resource associated with each line item.

The Location column indicates the line number of the line item within its associated resource.


The toolbar of the Tasks view includes the following buttons.

Add task
Manually add a "to do" item to the Tasks view.
Delete the selected line item.
Filter the view according to the type of item.


Click the icon at the left end of the view's title bar to open a menu of items generic to all views. Click the upside-down triangle icon to open a menu of items specific to the Tasks view. Right-click inside the view to open a context menu.

Adding line items in the Tasks view
Associating a task with a resource

Deleting tasks

Filtering the task view