Version Control (Team)

The command link Version Control (Team) preferences page contains options which affect the version management support.




Show all synchronization information in a resource's text label Use this option to have the synchronization state of a resource displayed as text in the resource's label. By default, only an icon decorator is used to identify a resource's synchronization state. Disabled
Show the file author in compare editors Use this option to display the file author in all compare editors opened by an action on a repository provider (if supported by the repository provider) Disabled
When editing file in non-shared projects, automatically make files writable if prompting is not possible Use this option to make the file writable in a non-shared project if prompting is not possible. Disabled
Reuse open compare editors when opening comparisons Use this option to have a new comparison open in an existing compare editor. Enabling this option will decrease number of compare editors open. Enabled
Run Project Set import in the background Use this option to run Project Set import in the background. Disabled
Apply Patch in Synchronize view Use this option to preview patch changes in the Synchronize view. Disabled
Choose the presentation to be used when displaying Workspace projects Use this option to configure the default layout used when a synchronization is first added to the Synchronize view. The layout can be subsequently changed in the view drop down menu. Compressed Folders

Open the associated perspective when a synchronize operation completes

Use this option to configure what happens when a synchronization operation is run. The options are:

  • Always: always switch perspectives
  • Never: never switch perspectives
  • Prompt: prompt to switch perspectives


Perspectives Use this option to configure which perspective is to be shown when a synchronize operation is run. Team Synchronizing