Using bookmarks

Now that some bookmarks have been created, instructions will be given on how to get to the files associated with the bookmarks.

  1. Close all of the files in the editor area.

  2. In the Bookmarks view, double-click on the first bookmark that was created.

  3. Notice that a file editor opens displaying the file with which the bookmark is associated and that the line associated with the bookmark is highlighted.
    Note: The Bookmarks view supports an additional way to open the file associated with a selected bookmark, simply select Go To from the bookmark's context menu.

In the Bookmarks view, select the associated file in the Project Explorer.

  1. In the Bookmarks view, select My Bookmark.
  2. From the bookmark's context menu choose Show in Project Explorer.
  3. Notice that the Project Explorer view is now visible and the file corresponding file is automatically selected. The selected file is the file the bookmark was associated with.