Having copied and renamed several of the resources, now it's time to move some resources around. The second folder and its file will be moved to be a sub-folder of the first folder.

  1. In the Project Explorer view, select the second folder.
  2. From the file's context menu, select Move.
  3. In the Folder Selection dialog choose the first folder and click OK.

    Folder dialog

  4. In the Project Explorer frist folder now contains the second one. Expand the second folder and confirm that it contains your .txt file.

    Project Explorer view

As an alternative to moving files using the move operation, it is also possible to move files by dragging a file from one folder to another folder. Remember that to copy files from one folder to the other, Ctrl needs to be held down while performing the drag and drop operation. (On macOS, the ⌥ key is used for this.)