Ant support

Apache Ant is an open source, Java-based build tool. See for more details.

Ant support allows you to create and run Ant buildfiles from the Workbench. These Ant buildfiles can operate on resources in the file system as well as resources in the workspace.

Output from an Ant buildfile is displayed in the Console view in the same hierarchical format seen when running Ant from the command line. Ant tasks (for example [mkdir]) are hyper-linked to the associated Ant buildfile, and javac error reports are hyper-linked to the associated Java source file and line number.

You can add classes to the Ant classpath and add Ant tasks and types from the command link Ant > Runtime preference page.

External tools Running Ant buildfiles
Modifying the Ant classpath
Adding new Ant tasks and types
Using a different version of Ant
antRunner application entry point Ant preference page
Ant editor preference page
Ant runtime preference page
Ant view
Ant editor
External Tools and Ant icons
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