Feature Archives

The feature packaging information is placed into a separate Java .jar. Standard Java jar facilities are used for constructing feature archives. Feature archives reference separately packaged plug-in archives (see next section) and non-plug-in files.

Features are identified using a structured identifier based on the provider internet domain name. For example, organization eclipse.org produces feature org.eclipse.jdt. The character set used for feature identifiers is as specified for plug-in identifiers (see Plug-in Manifest).

The recommended convention for naming the feature archives is

Where <id> is the feature identifier and <version> is the full version identifier contained in the respective feature.xml. Note that this is a recommended convention that minimizes chance of collisions, but is not required by the Eclipse architecture. For example, the following are valid feature archive names


Internally, each feature archive is packaged relative to its feature directory (but not including the directory path element). The archive has the following structure

feature<_locale>.properties (see "Translated Feature Information")
other feature files and subdirectories (TBD)
    Java jar manifest and security files

Note that feature archives do not contain their constituent plug-ins and fragments.