Accelerator Scopes

This extension point is deprecated




WARNING: This extension point is DEPRECATED.
Do not use this extension point, it will be removed in future versions of this product. Instead, use the extension point org.eclipse.ui.commands

This extension point is used to register accelerator scope extensions. Accelerator scopes are scopes for which accelerator sets may be applicable. For example, if an accelerator set is applicable for the scope entitled "Text Editor Scope", the accelerators of that accelerator set will only operate if the "Text Editor Scope" or one of its children is active (in other words, if the active part is a participating text editor).

An accelerator set declares what scope it is applicable for by listing the scope's id as the value of its "scopeId" attribute (see the Accelerator Sets extension point). Many accelerator sets can be applicable for the same accelerator scope.

Configuration Markup:

<!ELEMENT extension (acceleratorScope*)>

<!ATTLIST extension




The acceleratorScope element is deprecated

<!ELEMENT acceleratorScope EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST acceleratorScope

id          CDATA #REQUIRED

name        CDATA #REQUIRED

description CDATA #REQUIRED

parentScope CDATA #IMPLIED>

Following is an example of an accelerator scope extension:

   <extension point="org.eclipse.ui.acceleratorScopes"> 
        description="Action accelerator key applicable to all views and editors unless explicitly overridden."> 
        name="Java Editor" 
        description="Action accelerator key applicable only when java editor active." 

API Information:
The method public IKeyBindingService getKeyBindingService() was added to IEditorSite.

Supplied Implementation:
The workbench provides the Global accelerator scope and the Text Editor accelerator scope.

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