Ant Tasks


Allows plug-ins to define arbitrary Ant tasks for use by the Ant infrastructure. The standard Ant infrastructure allows for the addition of arbitrary tasks. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the Ant Core plug-in would have the classes required by these tasks on its classpath (or that of any of its prerequisites). To address this, clients should define an extension which plugs into this extension-point and maps a task name onto a class. The Ant plug-in can then request that the declaring plug-in load the specified class.

Configuration Markup:

<!ELEMENT extension (antTask*)>

<!ATTLIST extension





<!ATTLIST antTask

name           CDATA #REQUIRED

uri            CDATA #IMPLIED

class          CDATA #REQUIRED

library        CDATA #REQUIRED

headless       (true | false)

eclipseRuntime (true | false) >

The following is an example of an Ant tasks extension point:

   <extension point="org.eclipse.ant.core.antTasks">
      <antTask name="coolTask" class="com.example.CoolTask" library="lib/antSupport.jar"/>

In the above example the antSupport.jar must be created using an Ant project builder. For more information about creating project builders and how they work, please refer to the following help topics: Contributing tasks and types, Ant buildfiles as project builders and Creating a project builder Ant buildfile

Supplied Implementation:
The platform itself supplies a number of tasks including eclipse.incrementalBuild and eclipse.refreshLocal.

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