Class BasicNewProjectResourceWizard

All Implemented Interfaces:
IExecutableExtension, IShellProvider, IWizard, INewWizard, IWorkbenchWizard

public class BasicNewProjectResourceWizard extends BasicNewResourceWizard implements IExecutableExtension
Standard workbench wizard that creates a new project resource in the workspace.

This class may be instantiated and used without further configuration; this class is not intended to be subclassed.


 IWorkbenchWizard wizard = new BasicNewProjectResourceWizard();
 wizard.init(workbench, selection);
 WizardDialog dialog = new WizardDialog(shell, wizard);;

During the call to open, the wizard dialog is presented to the user. When the user hits Finish, a project resource with the user-specified name is created, the dialog closes, and the call to open returns.

This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
  • Field Details


      public static final String WIZARD_ID
      The wizard id for creating new projects in the workspace.
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  • Constructor Details

    • BasicNewProjectResourceWizard

      public BasicNewProjectResourceWizard()
      Creates a wizard for creating a new project resource in the workspace.
  • Method Details

    • addPages

      public void addPages()
      Description copied from class: Wizard
      The Wizard implementation of this IWizard method does nothing. Subclasses should extend if extra pages need to be added before the wizard opens. New pages should be added by calling addPage.
      Specified by:
      addPages in interface IWizard
      addPages in class Wizard
    • getNewProject

      public IProject getNewProject()
      Returns the newly created project.
      the created project, or null if project not created
    • init

      public void init(IWorkbench workbench, IStructuredSelection currentSelection)
      Description copied from class: BasicNewResourceWizard
      The BasicNewResourceWizard implementation of this IWorkbenchWizard method records the given workbench and selection, and initializes the default banner image for the pages by calling initializeDefaultPageImageDescriptor. Subclasses may extend.
      Specified by:
      init in interface IWorkbenchWizard
      init in class BasicNewResourceWizard
      workbench - the current workbench
      currentSelection - the current object selection
    • initializeDefaultPageImageDescriptor

      protected void initializeDefaultPageImageDescriptor()
      Description copied from class: BasicNewResourceWizard
      Initializes the default page image descriptor to an appropriate banner. By calling setDefaultPageImageDescriptor. The default implementation of this method uses a generic new wizard image.

      Subclasses may reimplement.

      initializeDefaultPageImageDescriptor in class BasicNewResourceWizard
    • performFinish

      public boolean performFinish()
      Description copied from class: Wizard
      Subclasses must implement this IWizard method to perform any special finish processing for their wizard.
      Specified by:
      performFinish in interface IWizard
      Specified by:
      performFinish in class Wizard
      true to indicate the finish request was accepted, and false to indicate that the finish request was refused
    • setInitializationData

      public void setInitializationData(IConfigurationElement cfig, String propertyName, Object data)
      Stores the configuration element for the wizard. The config element will be used in performFinish to set the result perspective.
      Specified by:
      setInitializationData in interface IExecutableExtension
      cfig - the configuration element used to trigger this execution. It can be queried by the executable extension for specific configuration properties
      propertyName - the name of an attribute of the configuration element used on the createExecutableExtension(String) call. This argument can be used in the cases where a single configuration element is used to define multiple executable extensions.
      data - adapter data in the form of a String, a Hashtable, or null.
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    • updatePerspective

      protected void updatePerspective()
      Updates the perspective for the active page within the window.
    • updatePerspective

      public static void updatePerspective(IConfigurationElement configElement)
      Updates the perspective based on the current settings in the Workbench/Perspectives preference page. Use the setting for the new perspective opening if we are set to open in a new perspective.

      A new project wizard class will need to implement the IExecutableExtension interface so as to gain access to the wizard's IConfigurationElement. That is the configuration element to pass into this method.

      configElement - - the element we are updating with
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