Interface IContentOutlinePage

All Superinterfaces:
IPage, ISelectionProvider
All Known Implementing Classes:
CompareOutlinePage, ContentOutlinePage

public interface IContentOutlinePage extends IPage, ISelectionProvider
Marker-style interface for a content outline page. This interface defines the minimum requirement for pages within the content outline view, namely they must be pages (implement IPage) and provide selections (implement ISelectionProvider).

Access to a content outline page begins when an editor is activated. When activation occurs, the content outline view will ask the editor for its content outline page. This is done by invoking getAdapter(IContentOutlinePage.class) on the editor. If the editor returns a page, the view then creates the controls for that page (using createControl) and makes the page visible.

Clients may implement this interface from scratch, or subclass the abstract base class ContentOutlinePage.

Note that this interface extends ISelectionProvider. This is no longer required in the case of implementors who also implement IPageBookViewPage (or extend Page) as they are now passed an IPageSite during their initialization and this site can be configured with a selection provider. However to avoid a breaking change 1) this interface will continue to extend ISelectionProvider 2) if an IContentOutlinePage does not set a selection provider for its site, the ContentOutline will continue to use the page itself for this purpose.

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